How become expert

Who is Expert?

An expert in LLL is a person who has a high degree of knowledge, skills and competences in his/ her own subject area and in LLL as a whole. He/ She is an elite performer who is able to diagnose, improvise and offer relevant solutions to identified problems in the provision, management, administration, organization, implementation, financing, promotion and quality assurance of LLL courses on a wider European scale.

The LLL expert has spentat least 10 years of deliberate and focused practice in the teaching profession while at the same time gaining knowledge and experience in LLL provision by being directly involved in any aspect of it.

An essential feature of the LLL expert is his / her continued learning and improvement which allows him / her to not only rely on the developed professional routines which have taken him / her to the top of profession, but also to be open and experiment with new, challenging and flexible routines.

Experts from LLL organizations

In order to join the experts network :

Step 1

You should have an LinkedIn account.

Step 2

Your organization should be registered in «LLL Expert Network».

Step 3

You should refer to the appropriate department within your organization and ask for the key-file to use it while registration process on the «LLL Expert Network».

Step 4

Then please use the expert registration form.

Independent LLL Experts

In order to join the experts network:

Step 1

You need to have a LinkedIn account.

Step 2

Please refer to experts in «LLL Expert Network» and ask for referee. Contact expert on LinkedIn LLL group and get the invitation to the group on LinkedIn.

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